I sought treatment at McDonnell Chiropractic for two reasons:  Firstly, I was experiencing reduced mobility and pain in my shoulder.  Secondly, for general and preventative care due to MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

I was diagnosed with MS in 2009 where I developed extremity numbness and I lost my ability to walk.  I couldn’t sit or stand without extreme dizziness, and I lost fine motor skills.

I have been under chiropractic care in the past, and while under regular chiropractic care, I have experienced no MS exacerbations.

Since I began care at McDonnell Chiropractic, my mobility has increased, pain has decreased, I have decreased shoulder weakness and have regained my shoulder’s strength.

As a pre-chiropractic student, I’ve become very picky about my chiropractic care; however, I’ve been impressed with McDonnell Chiropractic since my first visit.  Dr. McDonnell and his staff have embraced all that chiropractic care has to offer, and they’re passionate about chiropractic.  They actively strive to teach their patients about the rewarding chiropractic lifestyle.



I love the way my back and body feels when Dr. Greg adjusts me.  Since beginning care with Dr. Greg, I have more energy, less pain, and more mobility.

My entire family is now under regular chiropractic care- my husband and my 14 year old boy/girl twins.  The kids love it, and they ask for it regularly.

I really love the way the office handles things, and also how Dr. Greg is so family oriented and caring to all of our needs.  We highly recommend this chiropractic clinic to all of our acquaintances and family. J



If you are a new patient to McDonnell Chiropractic, you will soon realize that you are part of the Best Chiropractic Healthcare office in this area.  I have been to 3 other chiropractors in the area, and none have given me the care, attention, and understanding that I receive at this office.  Jodi is always happy to help me with my schedule changes and never complains when I forget and show up on the wrong day.

Dr. Greg…. What can I say…GREAT! He takes his time and never rushes me out.  He is always teaching me good health techniques while I am being adjusted.

I love this office!!!



I sought treatment at McDonnell Chiropractic because I was experiencing neck pain, knee pain, and lower back pain.

I have seen an orthopedic surgeon where I was treated with surgery and shots, which did not help me to regain health.

Since I began treatment, I have had less pain, more energy, better sleep, and I’m not as tired.  The exercise, spinal care, and educational programs are really informative.  The staff is great!  Everyone is very well informed and you can’t get better care anywhere else.

Dr. Greg is very caring- he really knows his stuff!